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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 27, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> more than 200 died in a nightclub fire in brazil. >> many were killed in a desperate stampede to the exits. we'll have the latest from brazil. you are watching al-jazeera live from london. also coming up, funerals in egypt turned violent, leaving at least six more dead. in mali, french and mali and troops. and tens of thousands of supporters of gay marriage march
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in the french capital, paris. >> and fire at a nightclub in brazil has left 232 people dead. 170 others are in hospital. it is thought the fire was started by fireworks during a stage show. hundreds of panicked clubbers stampeded toward the exits. it happened in the city of santa maria and it's been described as the worst tragedy emergency workers have responded to. >> a frantic attempt to rescue those inside, the blaze was started by firework display during a live music performance. an official for the military police said most of the deaths were called -- were caused by asphyxiation. many others were trampled underfoot as they tried to escape. these pictures, which al-
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jazeera cannot independently verify, were uploaded to youtube. >> there is a mobilization of resources to take out the bodies, which is the main thing we can do for the victims' families at this point. also to treat the injured as quick as possible. >> police said many of the bodies were taken to a local gymnasium. hundreds more were injured. >> there are many people on different floors at throughout the hallways that have not been identified. it's not a big number, but the people here are desperate to know. >> already, this is the worst tragedy to hit the state. we have not seen an incident like this in any time in recent memory in brazil. there'll be deep investigation to figure out how what why, but right now, local officials are just trying to figure out the number of dead and injured. santa maria is a major
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university talent. a security guard and a local this paper said 2000 people were inside the club with the fire broke out. >> to get the latest on this story, let's speak to our reporter on the line from brazil. what more can you tell us of the still developing story? >> it is a tragedy is already being considered one of the largest and most significant in brazil. that some seeing newspapers are reporting the main door inside the nightclub was taken off by the security and was preventing young and people from entering what out pay the entrance fee. that is the latest we have heard. we are also hearing bodies continue to be removed from the nightclub and they're being
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taken to the main stadium in the city of santa maria. that is the latest we have from here. >> what kind of reaction has there been across brazil? it seems clear there were no exits -- i'm sorry -- i think we just lost her. she was telecast the latest on that fire. we will get more from brazil when we get it. at least six people are dead in egypt after violence broke out during funeral processions for the more that 30 people killed in clashes on saturday. the rest comes after a court handed down sentences to a group of football fans. president mohamed morsi is due to address the nation later on sunday. >> chaos in hospitals against.
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that injured men and women, young and old. this woman screams, in god we take solace. the nurse asks why this injustice? some had to be laid before because the hospital is full. these victims were injured in a funeral procession for the men who died when violence broke out after 21 people were had the death sentences over last year's football tragedy. nearly everyone in port said says the trials were politicized. the protests have turned against the president. suddenly, comes shots were heard and the police responded with teargas. >> these people died to spare all of egypt and now you want to kill their families. we tell the president we helped
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you get elected. we are the grandchildren of people who fought against the 1966 invasion. we sacrifice their youth for this country for generations. >> we always pay the place -- we always pay the price with our blood and with their children. why? >> it's not clear where the gun shots that provoked the police came from. with violence spreading different parts of the city, the military camp guarded government buildings. protesters attacked a police station and torched the club. military helicopters have been hovering as this situation here remains tense. the violence has left the part of the city looking like a ghost town with people huddled in their homes fearing more deaths. go to the conflict in mali now where a conflict by french and mali and forces against islamic forces are making significant gains. the french and mali and troops
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have reached timbuktu. they reclaimed a strategically important town in the northeast. the fight to regain total control continues elsewhere. there have been french air strikes in one town. african leaders have been told their response to the crisis in mali has been too slow. the head of the african union chairman made the comments as the opening of the body summit in ethiopia. >> a stinging criticism of african leaders came from no less a figure that african union boss of the outgoing chairman, president of the need. he told delegates the deployment of peacekeepers had taken far too long. >> how could it be that when faced with a danger that threatens its very foundations,
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africa, although it had the means to defend itself, continue to wait? >> as leaders made their ways between meetings, it emerged the first troops from niger and chad arrived in mali and will be stationed in a recently recaptured town, a clear sign of progress, as the president of cenacle. >> we have to mobilize all people for security. >> where are you going to get the money from to pay for all this? >> this is the big issue. across the world, we are not so rich in africa, but we can't have talks and bring some money for one or two months, but we cannot go further. >> others warned conflict in africa are it truly. progress in molly could lead to problems elsewhere.
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terraced rejected from his country may have been among those fighting in mali. >> there is an issue with the extremists. it is a network. we have proved that indicates there was a link with somalia and nigeria very far away from the indian ocean to the pacific ocean. that is the kind of network there is. i'm sure there is a link. >> the funding of the deployment will be revisited on tuesday, when the international community asks for money at a donors' conference. the bill appears to be going up by the day. when the u.s. resolution was passed in december, they were talking about 300 -- 3300 peacekeepers. now the word is the total is likely to be closer to 6000. >> our correspondent is
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traveling with the french military on the road to timbuktu. she joins us now on the line. what more can you tell us about the situation? >> i can tell you -- [audio difficulties] >> apologies for that. we're obviously having trouble with the line. she is on the road to timbuktu. they're hoping to speak with her later on in the program. still to come, we will have more from mozambique, where flooding has claimed lives and homes. >> nearly a week after floods, officials are using boats to try to get to people who are stranded. >> and knowing the beatles from the big bad -- what it takes
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these days to become british. >> hello and welcome back to your international weather forecast. across south america, we saw of clouds and rain across central regions of brazil. you can see a frontal boundary, stationery right now. as we go toward monday, the cloud and the rate will stay right there, bringing temperatures down around as well. it will be quite sunny and warm more toward the west. in central america and the caribbean, but much in terms of whether over the next few days. we will sheet -- we will see rainshowers toward the cayman islands. if you are going diving were on a cruise, you could see rain in
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this area and clout for the eastern coast of pot of havana. -- clouds and the eastern coast of parts of havana. in canada and the northeastern part of the united states, a cold spell have been talking about for days has finally ended and temperatures are coming back to normal. i want to show you what we can see as weak note toward monday. getting above freezing, a normal temperature there. toward atlanta, a partly cloudy day.
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focus" only on the link tv. >> a reminder now of the top stories -- at least 230 people have died in a fire at night club in southern brazil. witnesses say musicians that off fireworks on stage and some victims were trampled to death in the panic to escape. in egypt, six people had died in violence during funerals for the more than 30 people killed in clashes on saturday. french and forces in mali fighting against the rebels are on the outskirts of the city of timbuktu.
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our correspondent is traveling with the french military on the road to timbuktu. >> french forces are amassing in this depot just to the southwest of timbuktu. we have seen troops from all here as well, preparing weaponry and assembling heavy guns. these are the strongest signals we have had get that the final event on timbuktu is imminent. the strategy with each town along the road has been the same -- the troops from mali go in first, followed by the french. we want to create the impression this is the government retaking town rather than a foreign armory -- former art -- for an army convoy carried them. this is a very symbolic target because it's a major rebel stronghold of the french have been bombarding it from the air for more than a week now. there are 2500 french troops on
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the ground right now. holding the town and the long term is going to be different task. that will fall to the african troops who are still some way. will be their job over the weeks and months ahead to ensure these towns do not fall to these rebel groups or others in the future. >> tens of thousands of people have marched through paris in support of legalizing gay marriage. that follows an even bigger protest against same-sex unions a week ago. >> they turned out in their thousands from all walks of life, from all parts of france, noisy and determine to support the introduction of gay marriage. one among the many, a lesbian, wants the right to marry and eventually raise children here in france. >> i think it is time for people
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to be equal. i think it is time for citizens to all have the same rights and all the -- all be concerned by the same problems. we want kids for the married couples among us. >> this comes in response to a huge march held two weeks ago by opponents of the new law. there is a sense of from these supporters of gay marriage that the government needs a reminder that his election campaign was to deliver gay marriage. >> the strength of opposition has taken many by surprise. proposals to allow gay couples to adopt gay children has been particularly divisive. the desire for equal rights was the dominant theme. a game obvious for me as
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and that all of my friends have the same rights i have to get married. >> for the equality and progressive movement, there's another side -- you cannot bring them together. >> gay marriage has exposed divisions in traditional friends and former by its catholic history and this -- a france that sees itself progressive and modern where the marriage is not seen as a threat to the old order but a correction to a longstanding sexual and justice. the government shares that view. >> 11 people have been killed in a coach accident in central portugal. another 33 were injured. the coach drove off the road into a ravine. the weather is being blamed.
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the catholic pope has marked international holocaust remembered today, calling for respect and dignity. pope benedict xvi spoke and he released two white doves as a sign of peace. in syria, rebel fighters say they have stormed a train station and it reportedly taken weapons from the area and injured government troops. elsewhere, shelling has continued in the suburbs of damascus. explosions are being heard elsewhere. the united arab emirates have ordered 94 people to be charged with plotting to overthrow the country's rulers. organized political opposition is illegal. last year, they rounded up dozens of people accusing them of belonging to the muslim brotherhood. they were stripped of their citizenship, i move widely criticized by human-rights groups.
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-- a move widely criticized by human-rights groups. appellate accused of insulting of the emir and incitement to overthrow a ruling family in his writings. the united nations childrens' agency, unicef, says flooding in mozambique has killed around 40 people and forced around 70,000 from their homes. one of the worst affected areas is in the south of the country. we have a report from there. >> soldiers in mozambique take the boats out early in the morning. they first make sure the bridges save before they leave people stranded on the other side of the river. roads and bridges have been destroyed after days of heavy rain and flooding. communities have been cut off. >> we lost everything, our
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houses, are animals, it has been terrible. we have to climb trees to escape the water. i know of five people died. we buried one person yesterday. the cost of the damage is not yet known. >> this was an agricultural land. we are now more than 1 meter above what used to be a field, crops that they were hoping to develop. this is one of the town's most affected by the flooding. families are still waiting for help. this woman and her children have been living on the side of the road for days. >> we are drinking water from the river which is dirty. food is running out. they're eating pigs and farm animals that die in the water. >> the local school has been damaged and some families moved into the classrooms. they say they have nowhere else to go. officials are battling to reach everyone. >> the water is starting to go
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down, so there is more sad. that means it will be harder to use the boats to help people and our work will be more difficult. >> there are only two boats of as part of the river and it's not known how many more people still need help. >> to women and a child have been flown to safety after their car became trapped in floodwaters in the australian state of queensland. the young boy was loaded today waterproofed baghdad would step to a helicopter followed by the two women. hundreds of homes have been inundated by the flood waters and several towns are cut off. air pollution is one of the main problems effecting cities in emerging economies. in the capital of india, it is -- to critical levels prompted leaders to take action. >> is sick, choking, and
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inconvenient for morning commuters. smog -- a word coined to describe a mixture of smoke and fog, is a type of air pollution. every year, india's capital suffers from it. erik toft -- air quality has been a topic of talk in the political arena for some time. running vehicles on natural gas assault but environmental experts say an increased number of cars on the road since 2002 has wiped out the gains. nearly 1 million vehicles now use the roads here every day. smog contains many pollutants and the majority are from vehicle exhaust fumes. farmers burning their field hundreds of kilometers away to the northwest, preparing the ground for the next season, are just another example of the effects of the pollutants of the capital. the landlocked location does not help the situation.
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pollution generated from neighboring towns and cities had to baytown's production and aggravates the atmosphere here. environment experts believe lawmakers are taking the situation seriously. >> there is a political ownership of that change. the government is certainly more responsive, but in terms of action, and implementation is a problem and there is a lot of slack, even now. >> whenever the experts say, it is people with breathing problems to suffer the most. this man has had asthma all his life and his condition gets worse. >> we cannot inhale that. we're not comfortable breathing that air. i usually go to the park in the morning but i don't feel like it when there is smog. >> local authorities are planning to place electric signboards to warn drivers about pollution and encourage them to
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keep their cars at home. activists say it's a start but what they want to see is a better public transport policy and a secure cycling lane it to encourage drivers to leave their cars at home and keep pollution and smog at bay. >> the president of venezuela remained in cuba where he has been treated for cancer. a spokesman says he's overcome a respiratory infection and is still politically active. >> he has been carefully following his treatment and has always been active in his recovery. the president has maintained keeping on the principal task of reviewing documents had meetings with the government and exercising his leadership at making decisions regarding international policy. >> japan has announced it is boosting its number of military personnel over tensions with
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china over disputed islands. an extra 287 soldiers will be added to the force in the next fiscal year. that's the biggest increase in two decades. the newly elected prime minister promised to take a tougher stance over the disputed islands. 40 years have passed since the end of the vietnam war, a conflict that claimed more than 1.5 million lives. but despite their bloody past, the u.s. and vietnam are enjoying strong relations and thriving trade. >> week, today, have concluded an agreement to end the war and to bring peace with our enemy in vietnam. >> after 58,000 american lives, hundreds of thousands of vietnamese killed, and 20 years of trying to keep vietnam from becoming a communist nation, president nixon announced the truce that would end the vietnam
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war. 40 years after the ceasefire, the u.s. and vietnam have a thriving trade relationship. in the past five years, the emphasis has shifted to security opera -- security cooperation. >> we will be strengthening our presence of the asia-pacific. >> u.s. officials have been trying to build relations with countries in the region in an effort to counterbalance china's influence. a longtime observer says ho chi minh city is not interested in being another arena between two superpowers. >> i don't think vietnam colubrids tensions with china, once to cultivate a relationship so close to the united states that it would harm its relations with china. >> when the u.s. defense secretary visited harbor in 2012, he talked not about the u.s. military losses decades ago with the future gains to be had. >> it will be particularly important to be able to work
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with partners like vietnam and be able to use harbor's like this as we move our ships from our ports on the west coast toward our stations here in the pacific. >> effort to build ties that benefits former enemies a generation later. >> the british prime minister's speech on ukase future in the european union has received a mixed reaction. david cameron promised a referendum should he win the next general election. one poll published on some basis support for his conservative party rose to 33%, 5 points higher than last month. but how is the issue seen outside of the uk? in france, to polls reveal a split. one survey says 52% of people suppor
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